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Your Story

Were you the daughter of the bride? Were you the mom-bride? How'd that work out for ya? Drop me a line. Tell me your story here. Sons, grooms, sons of grooms or brides I want to hear from you too!

Greetings Francesca; I just saw your message in some other Facebook mailbox. Do you need need some leads?


Wow!! & I thought I was the only one! After my 75 yo mom "dated" for a year, she, the penultimate southern lady is marrying the one who is "morally beyond reproach"!!!Hahaha If you make a movie, you MUST consult me for witty dialogue. I was wondering how my choice for daughter of the bride dress was going to go over with Ms. Right and found your website whilst choking down laughter and looking for tips.


I'm the shopgirl at the Maternity store where I met you earlier today. As you can see (by the fact that I am emailing you, a virtual stranger) it is a bit on the slow side today. I visited your web site and thought it was so funny. My Mom remarried when I was 28 or 29 and I had trouble finding a date to her wedding. I asked this really hot model "friend" of mine to go, you know as friends, but he thought it felt weird because he was such great friends with my boyfriend so I can relate! Anyway- I just wanted to say how cute it was- and that I read some of your Grandfathers book too. I am the nosy shopgirl. --Becky Bauer -- Beverly Hills, CA

I just loved your story When my daughter married i started to write my own M O T B tale. There were tears and laughter and nail-biting moments and your story brought everything back. So, thank you for a wonderful story Suzanne, London England


The first time my mom got married, I wasn't there--because the wedding took place a decade before I was born, the beginning of her starter marriage. I missed her second wedding as well, because the groom was my dad and I didn't come along until a year and a half later! But I did have a third opportunity. After my mom and dad divorced (amicably), my mom flew solo for about ten years; then, one morning, apropos of nothing, she announced, "I want to have some dates." Within a week, she'd posted her profile on the Internet and become the Southern Florida Dating Queen. She scheduled breakfast, lunch, dinner meetings with her suitors (of course all on the same day!). Eventually she wrote to a man named Mac because he had with a dog named Tippy, and my mom had always wanted a dog named Tippy. A year later they were married--my mom and Mac, not the dog! My mom has won the equivalent of the Southern Florida dating lottery; there are a lot of divorcees and widows there trawling the warm waters for eligible bachelors... Ironically, I missed this third wedding too. My mom insisted on a small civil ceremony to which only she, Mac, and a judge were invited. But I happened to be visiting the day before the wedding, and as my mom and I prowled the Macy's sales, she kept coming up to me with lacy negligees and a "I don't really need this but I wish SOMEbody would buy it for me" expression. I ended up buying my mom's trousseau--a fact about which my friends in Boston, when they found out, shrieked, "Hello--BOUNDARIES?!" It is weird to have your mom remarry--especially when you're a few squares behind her on the nuptial board game. I've been married and divorced once and have now lived with a lovely man for two years. I feel pretty sanguine about my track record--until I look at my mom, whose real career, I tell her, is Husbandry. Then I think, Hmm, I've got some catching up to do. --Jenna Blum, Boston, MA


I was excited to visit your website and read about the success you have had! I am actually kind of in the same boat. My mother was widowed for 23 years and now has a steady beau! I am very happy for her because she is much happier now.


Teri Sanchez, Garland, TX